Checking or changing the lubrication oil in your differential is actually easy if you drive a light truck. Even though it sounds easy to do, this procedure will help you avoid differential problems when on the road, so don’t take it for granted.

Now, if your wheels were to rotate at the same speed, your car would jump-skitter, because the outer side of the tire is faster than the inside. To balance this phenomenon, the differential is made in three different types, including torque-vectoring, limited-slip, and open versions.

Get to learn the different aspects of these three versions by visiting our showroom at Sheehy Ford of Richmond. Besides, we’ll also have a closer look at the condition of the differential in your car and give you advice on ways to maintain high performance. We will also provide you with directions on applying the lubrication oil as well as how to choose the best lubrication oil for your vehicle.

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