Ford EcoSport: Extra Features to Assist The Driver

The Ford EcoSport is a popular compact SUV with systems to handle all types of driving conditions. Whether you are stuck in traffic, maneuvering out of a difficult parking space, or on a road trip, this SUV is ready to go.

Have you ever had your vehicle jammed between two cars on a hillside? The EcoSport comes with hill start assist. The sensors detect the slope. When you start the vehicle, take your foot off the brake, and move it to the gas, the hill start program will not allow the vehicle to roll backwards.

Want to conserve fuel and reduce emissions? The Ecosport is equipped with auto start-stop technology. This set of sensors shuts the motor off when the brake pedal has been depressed for a set period of time. When you remove your foot off the brake, the motor quickly starts up again. Experience the Ford EcoSport and see more of its technology and features today. Visit our showroom here at Sheehy Ford of Richmond, and take a test drive.



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