Cleaning Your Headlights Yourself With Simple Ingredients

If you don't drive much at night, you may not notice that your headlights aren't shining brightly. There are a few home remedies that can help you brighten your headlights on your own.

Two DIY methods to brighten your headlights are toothpaste and insect repellent. Put some toothpaste on a wet rag and rub down the headlight plastic or glass. Try a similar method with a rag and insect repellent, but make sure it includes DEET. Don't let the repellent get on your car's paint as it may damage the finish. Abrasives like sandpaper or polish and DIY headlight restoration kits may also be effective.

If you try home remedies and your headlights still don't shine brightly, let our car maintenance center at Sheehy Ford of Richmond check your lights. We are conveniently located in Richmond, VA and can help you find the solution to your night driving needs.

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